DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MEDICAL SCHOOL BY Howard Bishop Lewis, Ph.D. PROFESSOR OF PHYSIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY While in many medical schools to-day the department which is concerned with the application of chemistry to medicine has been designated as the department of biochemistry or biological chemistry, the older term, the department of physiological chemistry, has been re¬ tained in the University of Michigan Medical School. This has been due largely to historical and sentimental reasons. It was as the science of physiological chemis¬ try that biochemistry developed from the professorships of physiological chemistry at Tübingen and Strasbourg in Germany and at Yale in this country. Moreover, the University of Michigan was one of the first American universities to recognize the importance of physiological chemistry as a separate branch of chemistry in relation to medicine. In 1883, Dr. Victor C. Vaughan, later dean of this medical school, was appointed professor of Fig. 1.—Undergraduate Students’ Laboratory for Physiological Chemistry