INSTITUTE OF PHYSIOLOGY (H ALLERI AN UM) UNIVERSITY OF BERN BY Leon Asher, M.D. PROFESSOR OF PHYSIOLOGY The Institute of Physiology of the University of Bern was built in the years 1892 to 1894 from the plans of Professor Dr. Hugo Kronecker and Stempkowski, canton architect. The cost of the building amounted to 287,000 francs. The Institute was given the name ‘‘Hallerianum” in honor of the great physiologist of Bern, Albrecht von Haller. The building plans and organization of the Institute were formed with the idea that the Institute should be devoted to the general field of physiology. Professor Kronecker, who was a pupil of Carl Ludwig, organized physiology in the Institute according to the ideas of his great master and he also made the interior arrangements conform to this idea. His successor, the present direc¬ tor Dr. Leon Asher, also a pupil of Ludwig’s, tried to preserve this tradition when he took over the director¬ ship of the Institute in 1914 and superintended the ad¬ dition of modern equipment. The Hallerianum (Fig. 1) is a brick building arranged in three divisions. Sandstone was used for the window and door-frames, as well as for the pillars in the large vestibule on the ground floor. Granite was used for the Fig. 1.—Institute of Physiology (Hallerianum)