144 PLANCHETTE. on the walls, which his wife heard as well as himself ; but they saw nothing.” Suerai experiments were made to test the reality of the seer- ess’s spirit-vision. Kerner relates that ‘‘An acquaintance of Mrs. Hauffé’s who sometimes visited her, one day informed us that a friend of hers was dead. This person had promised her that he would appear to her after death, and we consequently hourly expected to learn that she had seen his ghost; but days, weeks and months passed without any such event happening. Then the acquaintance owned, that, not believing* in the reality of these apparitions, he had said it for an experiment; the person was not dead. Another experiment was made as follows : Mrs. Hauße was frequently visited by the spectre of a deceased person, of whom she had never seen or heard any thing whatever. A friend bade her learn of this ghost the period of his birth, which neither she nor I knew. This was done ; but when our friend made inquiry of his relations whether the time mentioned was correct, they said, ‘No.’ This our friend wrote to us; and I read the letter to Mrs. Häufle, advancing it as a strong argument against the reality of the apparitions. She answered, unmoved, that she would inquire again. She did so, and the answer was the same. I wrote again to my friend, saying so, and begging him to ascertain more particularly the period of the birth in question; and, on doing this, he found that the relations had been in error; the time had been correctly named.” He adds, UI could relate many other equally remarkable facts, but that I should be encroaching too much on the privacy of the parties concerned.” He details twenty-two facts that occurred at Weinsberg in evidence of the presence and operations of spirits. Concerning these he says, “ Of the greatest number, I was my¬ self a witness ; and what I took upon the credit of others, I most curiously investigated, and anxiously sought, if by anj' possi¬ bility a natural explanation of them could be found; but in vain.” These facts are further corroborated by councillors, pro¬ fessors, and other offcial persons. Mrs. Hauffé’s statement concerning the spirits who appeared