140 PLANCHETTE. “He then took a seat in the front parlor, the audience being assembled in front of him and occupying the back parlor, the doors all being thrown open. The musical instruments were placed on a table by the side of the medium. The lights were then put out, and Frankie was immediately made fast by an un¬ seen power, with his hands lashed together behind him and fastened to the chair. The lights were again put up, and Frankie was examined, and pronounced to be securely tied. Again the lights were put out, and the musical instruments were seen fly¬ ing through the room, distinctly recognized by the phosphorus that had been rubbed upon them a few minutes before. The lights were called for, and the medium was found to be bound as when last examined. The experiments were repeated with similar and varied results. The medium, then, with the lights out, asked some one to 4 i*equest the spirits to take my [the medium’s] coat off ;5 which was done in an instant, the hands still tied together and to the chair. The request was made to have it put on, which was done in an instant. Mr. Ferry then, at the request of the medium, took his coat off and laid it upon a table. The room was no sooner darkened, and the request made, than the coat was put upon the medium, and, after exami¬ nation, was taken off with equal dexterity. A request was made to show the hand by which this was done, when a hand was seen im¬ mediately on the bottle of phosphorus sitting on the mantel-shelf. “I am not a believer in spiritual manifestations, nor am I of those who would reject, without examination, such manifesta¬ tions in evidence of spirit communication as are here presented. I am an earnest inquirer after truth. I have been on the com¬ mittee and in the cabinet with the Davenport Brothers. I am satisfied there is no collusion on their part, and I am equally convinced that young Frankie Gunnell is not an impostor,” Every week we hear of new cases similar to this. Accounts, too, reach us from England of phenomena equally surprising, so well attested by men of science, and by lords and baronets, that “the Fellows of the Royal Society, and other fellows, stand aghast at the amount of testimony, and begin to think that they must reconsider the conclusions of Faraday and the rest in regard to these occurrences.”