MORE PHYSICAL MANIFESTATIONS* *39 Of the numerous speaking mediums, the writing, the drawing, the musical (such as Blind Tom, the colored boy), the healing, the letter-reading, &c., we have left ourselves little room to speak in this place. Many of the phenomena through these various mediums are quite as wonderful and significant as those we have described ; but, as they are more open to partial explana¬ tion by causes not outside of the individual, we shall not do more than to refer to them at present. Under date of Washington, D.C., Feb. 6th, 1869, a correspon¬ dent of the ‘‘Banner of Light,” communicates the following ac¬ count of a new medium : “ Frankie Gunnell is the son of H. D. Gunnell, a highly respectable resident of our city. At a private audience on Friday evening last, there were about sixty ladies and gentlemen present, among whom were Thomas W. Ferry, M.C., from Michigan, and other members of Congress; editors of city papers, half a dozen medical gentlemen, and other prom¬ inent citizens. “Frankie was seated in a small cabinet, in the door of which, near the top, a diamond-shaped hole was cut. The door was closed, and he was tied by unseen hands. The committee of examination, consisting pf Mr. Ferry and Dr. McWilliams, ex¬ amined the cords and pronounced the lad securely tied; his hands being fastened together behind him, and secured to the back and bottom of the chair on which he was sitting. A guitar, tambourine, violin, drum, and a bell were placed in the cabinet. Immediately on closing the door, which was bolted by an unseen power inside — the clicking of the bolt being distinctly heard — music was heard from the instruments, and hands w*ere ex¬ hibited and thrust through the aperture in the door, one holding the violin bow, and another the drumstick. The door was un¬ bolted inside and instantly opened, when, on careful examina¬ tion, the committee pronounced Frankie to be tied precisely as he was when examined before. The door was again closed, and hands and arms were instantly presented through the hole in the door. The bell was rung, and continued ringing until the door was unbolted inside and opened, When Frankie stepped out with the cords removed from his person.