ocr <w O -J UTRECHT . HOLLAND. University of Utrecht, Physical Laboratory. Dr. Moll and DrĀ» Burger. On my trip I had several times heard about a new thermo-element consisting of two alloys, which I found difficult to understand, for I thought that thermo-elements always had to have one wire of pure metal and one of an alloy. I had also heard about an interesting method for amplifying the deflections of a galvanometer. I therefore visited the physical laboratory and found it a very interesting place. Here they were working in large part on radiation, using the new thermo-element for studying radiated heat. Dr. Burger told me that their thenno-element, which was, as a matter of fact, enclosed in a glass housing, would be of practically no use to us because the wave lengths of heat given off from the body would be in large part absorbed by the glass surrounding .their element. Their method for amplifying the galvanometer I saw later on at the laboratory of A. V. Hill. They are apparently a pair of clever men.