39 this true when there are one or more fistulas in the intestinal tract. Cohnheira uses a syrinx and injects 25 c.c. of the fluid falling out of the fistula at one time. This is done periodically, sometimes 14 or more sucĀ¬ cessive times. Great care is necessary to see that the rubber does not become clogged. Cohriheim seems to he very fortunate for he loses very few dogs and can keep them several years if the rubber tube does not give out. He prefers female to male dogs because they are cleaner and gentler and after the operation they 3tand better for the juice to flow. On the other hand, in operating there is often danger of striking very large vessels connected with the breast and mammary glands that are not found in male dogs. In female dogs it is necessary to cut and tie the large blood vessels leading to the breasts before going too deep into the abdomen. A serious objection to the use of male dogs is that the penis is in the way of inserting certain important fistulas. The whole abdomen is clear in the female. I- Cohnheim says that many operators do not mind the loss of blood, but rush the operation so as to get through as soon as possible. He prefers to save the blood and has.very good results. The morphine action lasts two or more days after injection, the action is very characteristic. On dogs, it acts as a narcotic, but it is very stimulating in its effect on some animals. In an experiment made on a goat the following day Professor Conheim used no morphine as he did not know what effect it would have on a goat. Operation on a goat.-Ho experiments have ever been made on the digestive action of the ruminants, and consequently he made a stomach fistula on a goat. Only ether was used but there was a good deal of saliva and the animal was hard to etherise. The preliminaries of the operation were exactly like those with the dog. After the abdomen was opened, Cohnheim hunted around with his arms up to the elbows in the cavity for about 15 minutes for the "Druese Magen", lie found everything else and had them out several times on the operating table. 'Then he finally found it, he made a stomach fistula, but as