JVeîO Books J1070 in the P/'ess. 31 CURRENT COIN. By the Rev. H. R. Hawf.is, M. A., Author of “ Speech in Season,” “ Thoughts for the Times,” &c. Crown 8vo. Cloth. Materialism — The Devil — Crime — Drunkenness —Pauperism—Emotion— Recreation—The Sabbath. NOTES ON GENESIS. By the late Rev. F. \V. Robf.rtsox, M. A., Incumbent of Trinity Church, Brighton. Crown 8vo. Cloth. SERMONS. Third Series. By the Rev. Stopford A. Brooke, M.A., Chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty the Queen, and Minister at Bedford Chapel, Bloomsbury. Crown Svo. Cloth. RAYS FROM THE SOUTHERN CROSS—POEMS. By I. D. A. With Sixteen Full-page Illustrations by the Rev. P. Walsh. Crown 8vo. Cloth. ANNUS AMORIS —SONNETS. By J. \V. Inchboi.d. With a Specially Engraved Frontispiece. Fcap. 8vo. Cloth. LAUREL/wA AND OTHER POEMS. By Dr. J. Todhunter. NEW READINGS AND RENDERINGS OF SHAKE- SPEARE’S TRAGEDIES. By H. H. Valghan. Demy 8vo. Cloth. DAVID LLOYD’S LAST WILL. By Hesba Stretton, Author of “ Jessica’s First Prayer,” &c. Illustrated. Fcap. 8vo. Cloth. SIR SPANGLE AND THE DINGY HEN. By Letitia McClintock. Illustrated. Imperial i6mo. Cloth. A STUDY FROM LIFE. By Miss M. Drummond. Small crown 8vo. Cloth. Henry S. King 6° Co., London,