PEREIRA'S MATERIA MEDICA, EDITED BY DR. CARSON, IN 2 YOLS. OCTAVO. ILLUSTRATED WITH SOME THREE HUNDRED ENGRAVINGS ON WOOD. LEA & BLANCHARD HAVE AT PRESS . Elements of Materia Medica; comprehending the Natural History, Preparation, Proper¬ ties, Composition, Effects, and Uses of Medicines.—By John Pereira, M. D., F. R. S., Assistant Ehyfcian to the London Hospital, &c. Part I, contains the General Action and Classification of Medicines, and the Mineral Materia Medica. Part II, the Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms with a vast number of Engravings on Wood, including diagrams explanatory of the Pro¬ cesses of the Pharmacopoeias, a Tabular View of the History of the Materia Medica, from the earliest times to the present day, and a very copious index. Second Edition, thoroughly revised, with the Introduction of the Processes of the New Edinburgh Pharmacopoeia, and containing additional articles on Mental Remedies, Light, Heat, Cold, Electricity, Magnetism, Exercise, Dietetics, and Climate, with about a hundred additional Wood Cuts, illustrative of Pharmaceutical Operations, Crystallography, Shape and OrganiMtion of the Feculas of Commerce, and the Natural History of the Materia Medica. This valuable work is now passing rapidly through the press, and will be published early PI *rfnS»ar£' edition will be revised, and have numerous additions, by Joseph Carson, M. D., Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacy in the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy arid one of the editors of the American Journal of Pharmacy, and will form two handsome volumes at a moderate price. The °Heci of the a.ut.hor has. been to suPP]y the Medical Student with a Class Book on Materia Medica, containing a faithful outline of this Department of Medicine, which should embrace a concise account of the most important modern discoveries in Natural History Chemistry, Physiology, and Therapeutics, in so far as they pertain to Pharmacology, and treat the subjects in the order of their natural historical relations. NOW READY. DUNG LISON’S UTKS Ail MATEROA ■HIM, General Therapeutics and Materia Medica, adapted for a Medical Text Book, by Robley Dunghson, M D., Professor of Institutes of Medicine, &c., in Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, formerly Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics in the Universities of Virginia and Maryland, and in Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, in two vols, octavo. A second edition of the work on General Therapeutics, being called for by the publishers, 1 • ^emed ü advisable to incorporate with it an account of the different articles ot the Materia Medica. To this he has been led by the circumstance, that the departments ot General Therapeutics and Materia Medica are always associated in the Medical Schools, ihe author s great object has been to prepare a work which may aid the Medical Student in acquiring the main results of modern observation and reflection; and, at the same time be to the Medical Practitioner a trustworthy book of refernce. Throughout, he has adopted the Nomenclature of the last edition of the Pharmacopoeia of ' ^ni*ed States, a work which ought to be in the hands of every practitioner as a guide m the preparation of medicines; and he has endeavoured to arrange the articles in each îvision, as nearly as he could in the order of their efficacy as Therapeutical agents.