t “\ NERVOUS SYMPTOMS. 703 Those afthmatic patients, whofe ftomach and bowels are weak, and muck troubled with flatulence, do better with the lighter flefh- meats and a little wine, than with a milk and vegetable diet ; and the folution of gum ammoniac, with acetum fcilliticumy or the pilule fcillitictfy do not commonly agree fo well with them as the afa fœti~ da and volatile alkaline faits.. When elderly perfons have been feized with an afthmatic pa*~ roxyfm from the gout attacking the lungs, I have found moft be¬ nefit from blifters- applied between the fhoulders, and to the legs* and from bolufes of gum ammoniac yfaL, voL. amnion, and camphire*. given twice or thrice af-day.. (3.) To prevent the return of the fits in the true fpafinodia afthma, we mult endeavour to ftrengthen the lungs and whole ner¬ vous fyftem by means of the bark, chalybeates, elixir of vitriol, a proper diet, country-air,, and riding;, A flannel, waiflcoat next the fkin, ©r a large piece of flannel; wore on the bread, has contributed to prevent the frequent return of afthmatic fits. The patients lhonld, above all things, avoid eating or drinking; fb much at once, as to burden their ftomach. In the mixt aflhma the bark mult be ufed with more caution* efpecially if the lungs be confiderably obftru<5led, or loaded with phlegm ; and the cure muft be chiefly attempted by iflues in the back and arms, or a feton in the fide ; and by other medicines that tend to remove the obftrucftion in the pulmonary veflels, or leffen the flux of humours to them ; of this kind are the piluhe fcilliticæy taken in fuch quantity as to keep the body always open spills of gar¬ lic and foap ; the juice of forty or fifty millepede in two or three table-fpoonfuls of French white wine* Rhenifh or cyder, taken twice a-day ; and crude mercury, or quickfilver pills, which have fome- times cured afthmatic ailments after other remedies had failed. As not only different patients are relieved by different remedies, but the fame patients, from a change in their conftitution, or in the nature of the diforder, often require a confiderable change in their medicines