N Ë RVOIT S SYMPTÖ M S. 60* (V) That a depending fituation of the legs did not, at firft, oc- cafion the cough, unlefs when the body was ere<5t ; but afterwards, that pollute of the legs had this effect, altho’ the body lay hori¬ zontal. N° i. and 23. Her pulfe alfo became a great deal quick¬ er in this attitude than it had formerly been, either when fhe fat up, or when flie flood j whence it would feem that the Caufe of the difeafe had been gradually increafing from the third of Febru¬ ary to the ift of April. Nö 9. to. 23. and 24. (r) That when the head and fhoulders are as low, or lower than the body, the cough is ftill more fevere than when fhe flood up¬ right. N° 7. (d) From the experiments already related, I was ready to ima¬ gine that the cough might be owing to fome tumour or other fixed caufe in the breafl, which, in certain pollutes, fo flrongly irritated that part of the lungs which it touched, as to occafion a confiant oonvulfive motion of the mufcles of refpiration ; but the following experiment, which I frequently repeated, foon diffipated this theo¬ retical illufion. When my patient lay in bed, upon extending one of her feet, fo as to bring it nearly to a right line with the leg, fhe coughed violently, and her pulfe rofe from 94 in a minute to 18 in five fé¬ conds: But when her hands were either flrongly bent inwards, or extended outwards, or when fhe pulled flrongly or railed a con- iiderable weight with them, no coughing eniued. When the cough was raifed by firetching her feet, warm water applied to her hands immediately put a flop to it. From this experiment, as well as N° 23. it may appear, that this extraordinary cough did not depend on any fixt obflruclion. or tumour within the thorax irritating the lungs in certain poflures* But, in this patient, the nerves of the lungs feem to have been en¬ dued with an uncommon degree of fenfibility, and to have had a peculiar fympathy with the legs and feet ; whence, as often as they were in a depending fituation, or the nerves, tendons, and liga¬ ments at the ancles, were flretched, an uneafy fenfation was felt in the lungs, which occafioned an inceffant cough. Altho’ the fym- 4 H pathy