INSTITUTE OF PHARMACOLOGY UNIVERSITY OF TÜBINGEN BY Carl Jacobj, M.D. DIRECTOR In the year 1907 when the authorities of Württemberg decided to found a professor's chair in pharmacology in the State University of Tübingen, there arose at the same time the need of an independent pharmacological institute for modern instruction and scientific research in this field. Since a large new building for the Eye Clinic, an urgent long-felt need, was nearing comple¬ tion, its old building was soon available The open location of this building, opposite the Botanical Garden, next to the University library and auditorium, and in the immediate vicinity of the clinics, was regarded as particularly suitable for a pharmacological institute. Therefore the simplest and most appropriate thing to do was to remodel this old but spacious building, adapt¬ ing the rooms to the modern demands of a pharmaco¬ logical institute. The author was elected first director of the chair of pharmacology of the future institute and the working out of the plans for the building fell to him. The costs of the alterations were comparatively low (29,000 Fig. 1.—Institute of Pharmacology, University of Tübingen