RENSEIGNEMENTS, 101 Renseignements. Warren Triennial Prize. Massachusetts General Hospital. The Warren Triennial Prize was founded by the late Dr. J. Mason War¬ ren in memory of his father, and bis will provides that the accumulated in¬ terest of the fund shall be awarded every three years to the best dissertation, considered worthy of a premium, on some subject in Physiology, Surgery, or Pathological Anatomy; the arbitrators being the Physicians and Surgeons of the Massachusetts General Hospital. The subject for competition for the year 1907 is on Some Special Sub¬ ject in Physiology, Surgery, or Pathology. Dissertations must be legibly written, and must be suitably bound, so as to be easily handled. The name of the writer must be enclosed in a sealed envelope, on which must be written a motto corresponding with one on the accompanying dissertation. Any clew given by the dissertation, or any action on the part of the writer which reveals his name before the award of the prize, will disqualify him from receiving the same. The amount of the prize for the year 1907 will be ,9500. In case no dissertation is considered sufficiently meritorious, no award will be made. Dissertation will be received until April 14, 1907. A high value will be placed on original work. HERBERT B. HOWARD, Resident Physician. Boston, February, 1906. PeffaKToprL-ii33,axejib MopoxoBeu,t>. MocKBa. YHHBepcHTeTCKaa THnorpa<}>ia, CïpacTHon ôya&Bapi.. 1906.