EDITOR’S PREFATORY NOTE With the completion of the Dictionary by the issue of this volume the editor finds it unnecessary to make further comment than that contained in the General Preface issued with Vol. I. The relation of the Bibliographies to the text, and its place in the plan of the whole, are there remarked upon, and the reader is referred to what is said on pp. xiii-xiv of that volume. Since the issue of the second volume the Dictionary staff has suffered further loss by the death of Dr. C. L. Herrick, President of the University of New Mexico. Dr. Herrick, although primarily interested in Neurology, in which he had become a recognized authority, was also well and favourably known for his philosophical publications, by which he was actively engaged, up to the time of his death, in developing the position called by him Dynamic Monism. Alterations of the staff of collaborators, due to other causes, will be found duly recorded in the list given in this volume. To be added to the list of bibliographical publications cited in Vol. I is one undertaking—not to mention minor publications—which is worthy of the attention of those interested in the advance of philosophical terminology. We refer to the Vocabulaire philosophique now in course of publication by the French Philosophical Society in their official Bulletin (Bulletin de la Société française de philosophie x). It is a serious and well-considered attempt—as this work also aspires to be—to bring expert co-operation to bear upon the problems of philosophical definition. We gladly recognize the use the editors of the Vocabulaire find it possible to make of this Dictionary, and regret that we did not have in turn the advantage of using theirs. It is fitting that the country of the great classical undertakings of this sort, from the Encyclopédie of Diderot to the Dictionnaire des sciences philosophiques of Franck, should maintain the high tradition so long maintained in this field. Finally, attention may be called to the fact that the annual issues of The Psychological Index, published by The Psychological Revieiv, through the same house as this work, have given since 1894 exhaustive bibliographies of psycho¬ logical literature, including lists of selected publications in all the branches of Philosophy proper included under this term. Since 1902, the date to which the lists given in this volume extend, the Index has been published as a supplement to this Dictionary. This will continue to be the case. Owners of this Dictionary, therefore, who secure the Index since the year cited and in the future, will have 1 The issue has already reached Fasc. 8, Erreur à extrinsèque, printed in the issue of the Bulletin for July, 1905 (5e Année, No. 7). Extended remarks upon this French project by the present writer are to be found in The Psychological Bulletin, I, p. 123 (Mar. 15, 1904). in. b