Plate A (Degeneration). Pathological conditions in nervous structures in a case of general paralysis. Degenerated portions in yellow. Pig. 1. Cell vacuolated and apex process varicose. Pigs. 2 and 2 a. Degenerate cells from Broca’s region. Pig. 3. Large pyramidal cells from precentral convolution. Pig. 4. So-called scavenger cells from the temporal lohe, tangential fibres near the top of the section. Pig. 5. a, b, deep and superficial pyramid of frontal lobe. Pig. 6. Thalamus cells above the peduncular bundle. Pig. 7. Cells from the forward extension of the nucleus niger. Fig. 8. Cells from the niger further back. Figs. 9 and 10. Two stages in the alteration of the blood-vessels.—Prom a ‘Report upon a Case of General Paralysis,’ J. of Compar. Neurol., iii. Bid. Philos., vol. i, p. 261.]