STUDIES FROM THE EDITED BY EDWARD W. SCRIPTURE, Ph.D. Director of the Psychological Laboratory. Volume X. CONTENTS. i Researches on rhythmic action, by Ishiro Miyake, . . . , Researches in experimental phonetics (second series), by E. W, Scripture, ............... Experiments on motor education, by W. Smythe Johnson, . Involuntary movements of the tongue, H. C. Courten, . . Phonetic notation, by E. H. Tuttle,........ Plates. Yale University, New Haven, Conn, Priçe $1.00. Obtainable at New Haven, Psychological Laboratory, 84 High Street ; New York, Gustav E. Stechert, 9 East Sixteenth Street ; London, Williams and Norgate, 14 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden ; Leipzig, Bernhard Liebisch, Kurprinz-Strasse 6 ; Paris, Schleicher Frères, 15 Rue des Saints-Pères ; Bologna, Pietro Virano, Piazza Galvani.