STUDIE FROM THE Yale Psychological Laboratory EDITED BY EDWARD W. SCRIPTURE, Ph.D. Director of the Psychological Laboratory. Volume VU. 1899 102 CONTENTS. Researches in experimental phonetics, by E. W. Scripture, Observations on rhythmic action, by E. W. Scripture, . Yale University, New Haven, Conn. Price, $l. Obtainable at New Haven, Psychological Laboratory, 109 Elm Street ; New York, Gustav E. Stechert, 9 East Sixteenth Street ; London, Williams and Norgate, 14, Henrietta St., Covent Garden ; Berlin, Mayer and Müller, Mark- grafen-Strasse 51; Leipzig, Bernhard Liebisch, Kurprinz-Strasse 6; Paris, Schleicher Frères, 15, Rue des Saintes-Pères ; Bologna, Pietro Virano, Piazza Galvani.