FROM THE j Yale Psychological Laboratory I • / */• -■'I EDITED BY EDWARD W. SCRIPTURE, Ph.D. Director of the Laboratory of the Department of Philosophy. Volume V ( . -.p 1897 CONTENTS. i ' Researches on acoustic space, by M. Matsumoto, .... i ; ■I On binaural space, by E. W. Scripture,.......76 'I’he size-weight illusion among the blind, by James F. Rice, M.A.,...........'......81 I 1 Cerebral light, by E. W. Scripture,........88 ) Researches on memory for arm-movements, by E. W. Scrip¬ ture, W. C. Cooke and C. M. Warren,.....90 Principles of laboratory economy, by E. W. Scripture, . . 93 I Notes,..................104' ! ■ ■ -, / j * V-. •' ’‘'' *•, ■.Vv* vj? -/•/f •' • 'L' Yai.f. University, New Haven, Conn. j; * y . ■ I I Price, Si. Obtainable at New Haven, Psychological Laboratory, 109 Elm j Street; NfcNv York, Gustav E. Slechert, 9 East Sixteenth Street; London, \Vil- ■ 1 liams and Norgate, 14, Henrietta St., Covent Garden; Herein, Mayer and Müller, i Markgrafen-Strasse 51 ; Leipzig, Bernhard Liebisch, Kurprinz-Strasse 6; Paris, j ! Schleicher Frères, 15, Rue des Saintes-Pères;-Bologna, Pietro Virano, Piazza Galvani.