CONTENTS Preface to the Second Edition Introduction...... Origin and object of book. Variety of Human Nature. . . . . Many varieties may each be good of its kind ; advantage of variety ; some peculiarities are, however, harmful. Features...... Large number of elements in the human expression ; of touches in a portrait ; difficulty of measuring the separate features ; or of selecting typical individuals ; the typical English face ; its change at different historical periods ; colour of hair of modern English; caricatures. Composite Portraiture . (See Appendix for. three Memoirs describing successive stages of the method).—Object and principle of the process ; description of the plate—composites of medals ; of family portraits ; of the two sexes and of various ages ; of Royal Engineers ; the latter gives a clue to one direction in which the English race might be improved ; of criminals ; of the consumptive ; ethnological application of the process. Bodily Qualities....... Anthropometric Committee ; statistical anomalies in stature as dependent on age ; town and rural population ; athletic feats now and formerly ; increase of stature of middle classes ; large number of weakly persons ; some appearances of weak¬ ness may be fallacious ; a barrel and a wheel ; definition of word “ eugenic.” Energy ......... It is the attribute of high races ; useful stimuli to activity ; fleas, etc.; the preservation of the weakly as exercises for pity; that of foxes for sport. Sensitivity . ...... Sensation and pain ; range and grades of sensation ; idiots ; men and women ; the blind ; reading by touch ; sailors; paucity of words to express gradation. xi PAGE vii 1 2 3 6 13 17 19