A 1'! in 1898 an port; and at Copen- hagen a decorative panel entitled Le matirz. A P. ROLL. Having - devoted his whole time to the monumental canvas painted to com- memorate the Pose dc la Alexmm're par le Tzar ]Vz'cimlns 11., there will be no opportunity of admiring M. Roll's work this year at the Société Nationale Exhibition. Shortly, how- ever, there will be on view at Georges Petit's a numerous series of nude studies in sanguine, lead pencil, and coloured chalks, which un- doubtedly betray the hand of a master, and which cannot fail to appeal to all lovers of true and sincere art. AN'l'ONIN MERCIE. Le Fruit defelzzlll ; Portrait (le Madame X__ Au Semi], and Psyche (marble) represent this talented and Celebrated sculptor at the Salon de la Société (les Artistes Fran- gais this year. All four works are in his best style. J P. LAURENS. It ' is a large decorative panel for the Hotel (le Ville, entitled Arreslalion de Browse], that this powerful artist is exhibiting this year at the Salon de la Société des Artistes Franeais. In addition, he has a portrait of JV lailrmr, fils ainé (in black), in contrast to the portrait (in white) of his other son, which was such a success at lastyear's Champs Elysées Exhibition.