International Colour Printing and Poster Exhibition colour, contrast or harmony, skilful and unique methods of technical treat- ment-are amply illustrated in the examples shown in this room. Each poster has been framed in a narrow black beading and glazed. Different sections are separated from each other by a vertical band of black ribbon from floor to ceiling. The effect produced by the many coloured posters against a neutral background of rough canvas is charming-a delightful sea of colour. The arrangement, spacing and hanging have been carefully done, and there are no incongruous comparisons of either colour, subject or design. On the whole the English poster compares very favourably with the best Continental work that is exhibited. Each school, however, has some strong feature, and here is where the value of such an exhibition lies-in bringing before the interested craftsman and student the work that our competitors are doing. One striking feature of the Continental display is the versatility of design and treatment. British poster work often gets into a rut. Many firms have produced excellent work, but often their successive productions are very close relatives of each other. Many instances come to mind illustrating this similarity and lack of original treatment when one thinks of recent pro- ductions shown by the various seaside resorts and railway advertisements. A Swiss firm, Messrs. Wolfensberger, of Zurich, have an excellent and varied collection of all classes of posters and poster designs. The originality of conception-the daring treatment to obtain striking effects, and the high grade of the work generally is a noteworthy feature of their exhibit. A set of French posters of the State Railways are excellent in many respects. They show arresting colour schemes-certainly in most cases harmonious, but the design of some is not of a high order. The collection of German posters are simple in design (or lack of design) -aggressive in colour-but miss their real purpose as posters by being very enigmatical as to their meaning. In many instances it is absolutely impossible to even guess what goods the poster is supposed to advertise. Their very coarse treatment, too, greatly detracts from their value. The French posters, on the other hand, show in charming contrast by their juxtaposition with the German. Delicate rendering of colour, sim- plicity and beauty of design are their keynote. Their mission is clear, and the impression left behind is lasting and pleasing. The English posters of Iohn Way for the Underground are charming (but small) examples of a very high order of technical excellence. 184