INTERNATIONAL COLOUR PRINTING AND POSTER EXHI- BITION : By S. E. BOTTOMLEY, F.R.P.S. N Exhibition of Colour Printing and Posters was opened by the Vice-Chancellor of Leeds University (Professor M. E. Sadler) on Saturday, February 22nd, at the City Art Gallery, Leeds, and will remain open until the end of April. The collection has been got together by Dr. Sadler, Mr. S. E. Bottomley, F Head of the Printing Crafts Department of the City Technical School, and Mr. F. Rutter, Curator of the City Art Gallery. The Technical School authorities had originally intended to hold the exhibition in the school as part of their educational Work to bring before the notice of students, and those interested in the various Printing Crafts in Leeds, recent advances in all classes of colour printing and posters. Dr. Sadler very heartily co-operated in the work of organisation and in furtherance of the scheme, and through his influence the City Art Gallery Committee kindly placed the Gallery at the disposal of the organisers. Dr. Sadler and Mr. S. E. Bottomley visited the chief centres of colour printing in Great Britain and abroad, and received most generous assistance in gathering together a representative collection. In the present exhibition there are two distinct types of colour printing. In the first are examples in which the artist and the craftsman have worked together to produce an " original " piece of craftsmanship (artistic or other- wise). In the second is a class where the craftsman has simply endeavoured to " reproduce " an original work (which may or may not have been intended for reproduction) and in which he succeeds, only so far as his own skill, and the limitations of all mechanical methods, will allow. Three rooms are devoted to the Exhibition. In the first-the South Room-we have 118 posters. In the second-the East Room-are 105 exhibits of technical and com- mercial colour printing by various processes. In the third-the North Room-are roo facsimile reproductions, which incidentally illustrate the history of painting from Early Flemish and Italian work to the time of Watts. In this room are also a collection of the latest developments of the craft, and many unique examples of processes that cannot be classed in the other two rooms. The Poster Room is arranged to show the various schools. The greatest catholicity of selection of typical examples has been exercised by the organisers. Varying ideas and originality of design--striking renderings of 182