himself extensivel to the decorative Y arts. He has erected several houses I in Brunn, and has been part1cu1ar- ly successful in designing textiles, W stencils, wallpapers, bookbindings, V; tapestries, leatherwork, 8zc. A cai- pet designed by him is reproduced ;Y on page 84_ x 7 {II Is. H OFF MANN , PROFESSOR J " I _]osEF. See pages IO and 12. 2 .i ii" KLEIN HEMPEL, PROFES- ' SOR ERICH, Elzasslr. 34, Dresden. "3 "5; ' ProfessorKleinhempelisrepresented here by a hand-tufted Smyrna car- i- pet, which has been executed by the 7- Wurzner Carpet Manufacturing Company at Wurzen in Saxony. KLEINHEMPELvFRAULEIN EMBROIDERED PANEL, "UNA AND THE men CROSS GERTRUD, Biirgerweg 59, Bzelzjfeld, KNIGHT," DESIGNED AND WORKED BY ANN MACBETH Wesgzvhalia. Fraulein Kleinhempel early made a name for member of the staff of the Werkstatten {fur herself in Dresden by her work in various deutschen I-lausrat, Dresden, she participated branches of art industry. As a permanent with considerable success in the Applied Art Exhibition held there in 19o6,and. i as a result, xi as appointed teacher -2, 5 if 19 at the School for Arts and Crafts f YQIQ. I 1:7 at Bielefeld. Two of her carpets are illustrated on page 85. One was executed by the W erkstatten 5; 34'" _t. ti 4?" " Ala fur deutschen Hausrat, Dresden d th th h d t ft (i 2- '11] e o er a an u e ' ' Smyrna carpet, by the Wurzner 55' E i 33-it 5 C t M f t C A MP6 an" ac "T1118 0mPHny- P I P W") M: gm MISS ANN, Queen Margaret Hall, Glasgaw. ; ii. 1' i A. Miss Ann Macbeth s embroideries are well-known to the readers of I. 1.? Fifi,-Q "ti ix. 7 ' ;;g;v?iw The Si'14d1O and T he Studio X ear .e 1 1 ii L. Books. Her designsare distin gulshed bYthe1T dlgmfled fender" " Y "'5 f mgo convenrwnaiforms andthe S, , it Ti. R beauty of the colouring. She is " instructress in design for needle- '1 work in the Glasgow School of EMBROIDERED TABLE MAT DESIGNED BY ANN MACBETH Art, and her inguence can be Seen 86