DESCRIPTIVE LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS. FRAME 01-" A PURSE OR inscription incised. (B. M.) the lilies of France and England. 15th century. BAG, with Found in RUSSIAN MS. BUDDHIST PAL! ICELANDIC INSCRIPTION, carved in wood. ARABIC INSCRIPTION, Cordova. stone from slab in the Mosque at LEAF OF A DIPTYCH, carved in ivory, with subjects relating to the Nativity, etc. Rhenish. Ioth century. (B. M.) CARVED DRAWER FRONTS, from 0. Gothic cabinet. The letter A in the word FATA deliberately bisected by the framing. French. (Cluny Museum.) TRACERY WINDOW, from the refectory of the Hospital of S. Cross, with quarries bearing the motto of Cardinal Beaufort, whose arms occupy the centre of the light. English Perpendicular Gothic. About the middle of the 15th century. (Winst0n.) of the Italian Renaissance. BRONZE MEDAL 8cA. DECORATIVE PANEL-Perseus and the Graeae-in gesso upon oak, the inscription in raised gilt letters-by Sir E. Burne- ]0nes. PART 01-' AN EMBROIDERED srouz. The inscription,worked into the gold background, so far lost in it as merely to break the basket-stitch diaper. Roumanian,