NO TE OF A CKNOWLEDGMENT. I am indebted in many quarters: to Mr. R. Anning Bell, Mr. l'Valter Crane, lllr. Rajles Davidson, AI r. Harry Soane and Miss B. A. I1Valdrani, for the use of their designs or drawings; to Herren Gerlach and Schenk, the I nzpriineries Reunies, Herr von Larisch, Mr. Harry Soane and Messrs. H. Virtue 6- Co., Ltd., for allowing reproductions from their publications; to Miss Gi1ningha1n,for the loan of photographs; to the Rector of Stonyhurst College, for sanctioning the illustration of Queen Mary's prayer-book; to the authorities of the British and Victoria 6- Albert Museums, and especially to Mr. A. B. Skinner and Mr. G. F. Hill, for valuable assistance in the production of this book.