JVIoderns. - Of the good Taste of the Greeks in Appropri- ations of Character to their Statues. On Drawing. Qf Light and Shade. Principles of Colouring in Paint- ing._ Illustration. the Warm and Cold Colours.- Of Capyivzg ji-ne Pictures. Qf Composition. On the Benefits to be derived from Sketching; - and of the Advan- tage qfheingjhnziliar -with the Characteristics of Owects in 103 CHAP. Discourse. Introduction. On the Philosophy of Character in Art. OfPhz'a'2'as.- Apelles. Of the Progress of the Arts among the Modcrzzs. Qf Leonardo da Vinci. Qf Michael Angelo, Raphael, and Bartolomeo. Qf Titian. Of the Ejkcts of .121 CHAP. XII. .Dt.S'C0tt7'S6. Introduction. - Qf appropriate Character in Historical Composition.--Architecture among the Greehs and Romans. Of the Athenian Marbles. Qf the Ancient Statues. - Of the Moses and Saviour of Michael Angelo, - Qf the Last Judgment of Michael Angelo.- Of Leo- nardo da Vinci. Qf Bartolomeo. Qf Raphael. Of Titian, and his St. Peter Marty-r. Qf the diferent Italian Schools. Of the E_fects of the Royal Aeaderny. - Qf tlm Prince Regent's Promise to encourage the Fine Arts... 147 CHAP. XIII. Mr. West's Visit to Paris.- His distinguished Reception by the Me_mI;er.s- qf the Franck Gmzernment. Anecdote Qf Mr. Fox. Oiigizz qf ilze Britisli Institution. - Anec- dotes qf lVlr. Fox and Mi". Percival. Anecdote Qf the