CON TEN TS. PART C HAP. lllr. West arrives in England. Relative Condition ofArlists in Society.-Mr. VVest's American Friends in lhis Country. Qf Governor Hamilton and Mr. Allen. - Circumstances jiwom-able to their Reception in the Circles of Fashion.-- Mfr. West's Visit to Bath, and Excursions to see some of the Collections ofArt in England. He settles as a Portrait Painter. Introduction" to Burlce and Dr. Johnson. Anecdote of a Monh, the Brother of Mr. Burke. - Intro- duction to Archhishop Drummond.- Mr. West's Marriage. Page 1 CHAP. Some Notice qf'Archbz'shop Drummond. Mr. West paints a Picture for His Grace.-His Grace's Plan to procure Engagements for Dir. West as an Historical Painter.-Pro-1 ject_j?2r ornamentiug St. Paul's Cathedral with Pictures. - Anecdote qf Dr. T crrich, Bishop Qf London. - The Altar- piece qf St; Stephen's W albr00h.- State qf public Taste with respect to the Arts. Anecdotes qf Hogarth and 11 CHAP III. Arclzbislmp Drum.m0na".s' Address in Mr. West the Patronage Qf the King.- Sz'nguZar Court Anecdote Q)! 11 Lady qf Faslzz'on.- Clzaracter qftlze King in Ms Youtlu