THE LIFE AND STUDIES OF BENJAMIN WEST. CHAP. The Birth and Paternal Arlcsstry Qf Mr. PVest. His FvIuternul Family. Ill. His Father. IV. The Origin of the Aboiition of Slavery by the Quakers. V. The Progress of the Abolition. VI. The Education of the Negroes. VII. The Preaching of Edmund Pechover. VIII. His zldmonitory Prediction to the Father of West. IX. The jirst Indication of Benjamin,s Genius. X. Stale qf Society in Pennsylvania. XI. The Indians give lVest the Primary Colours. XII. The A1-tist's]9rst Pencils. XIII. The Present ofa Bow of Colours and Engravings. XIV. His first Painting. BENJAMIN WEST, the subject of the following Memoirs, was the youngest son of John West and Sarah Pearson, and was born near Springfield, in Chester County, in the State of