Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

University of Groningen: Physiological Institute
Haan, Johann A. B. de
is located on fairly extensive grounds which, by 
furnishing a pond for frogs, pasturage for large 
experimental animals, hutches and feed for rab¬ 
bits, as well as other conveniences, are made to 
contribute toward meeting some of the needs of 
the Institute. The general layout of the build¬ 
ings and grounds is given in the accompanying 
plot plans (see Figs. 2 and 3). 
The first story comprises a lecture room, a 
class histological laboratory, a demonstration the¬ 
ater, and a number of smaller laboratories and 
rooms. The lecture room (1) and the histological 
home. Each of these libraries has a separate, 
carefully prepared card catalogue. 
The demonstration theater (7) is built on the 
usual plan, with seats rising in tiers each one- 
half meter above the other. Facilities are pro¬ 
vided to permit the microscopic and other prep¬ 
arations to be viewed by students who cannot 
do so sufficiently during the demonstration 
There are three laboratories for general re¬ 
search purposes—one (9) for general workers 
and for those working for their doctor’s degree, 
a. Main building 
b. Stable 
c. Storage 
d. Rabbits 
e. Glass room 
laboratory (12) are lighted from three sides. 
The former is especially adapted for instruction 
by cinematograph, a device which serves excel¬ 
lently to demonstrate all kinds of living move¬ 
ments including those observed under the micro¬ 
scope. The films are developed on the premises. 
Adjoining the lecture hall is a small room for 
preparing the material to be shown at the lecture 
(2). On this floor there is also a library (5), 
forming a department of the University Library. 
There is also in the balance room (6) a modest 
collection of books, periodicals, pamphlets, and 
prints, most of them belonging to the Director. 
By keeping them here they can be made of 
wider use than they would be in the professor’s 
f. House for custodian 
g. Greens and clover 
h. Pasture 
k. Pond 
another small laboratory known as an assis¬ 
tants’ laboratory (10), and the Director’s pri¬ 
vate laboratory (4). Each of these contains 
such facilities as centrifuges, air pressure and 
suction, and ovens for various temperatures, so 
that they can be used for researches of every 
The ground floor has a students’ laboratory for 
physiology (17) and another for physiological 
chemistry (14) and between the two a dark 
room (16) for spectroscopic examinations of the 
blood, ophthalmoscopy, and other uses, and a 
glass-washing room (15). These connecting 
rooms are used for both laboratories. One corner 
of this floor is taken up by two rooms for making


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