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The New Psychological Laboratory of the University of Iowa
Patrick, George T. W.
George T. W. Patrick 
The new Psychological Laboratory of the University of 
Iowa was completed and occupied in September, 1901. It 
is situated on the second floor of the north wing of the 
Hall of Liberal Arts, a new Bedford-stone structure begun 
in 1897. This is a fire-proof building, constructed at a cost 
of about $203,000, 210 feet by 120 feet, and three stories 
high with a basement. It is heated and ventilated by the 
fan system combined with direct radiation, a Sturtevant 
thermostat in- each room maintaining the temperature at 
any desired degree of heat. 
Previous to the drawing of the plans of the building, 
4500 square feet of clear floor space were set aside for the 
department of philosophy and psychology, including the 
laboratory. Through the kindness of the Board of Regents, 
carte blanche was given to the department in conference 
with the architect in respect to the plans, including all 
details of construction and arrangement. The building 
committee of the Board generously granted every reason¬ 
able request to the end of securing in the outcome as per¬ 
fect a laboratory as could be designed within the allotted 
The rooms with their names and sizes are as follows : 
Lecture Room..............27'— 8" X 29'—10" 
Apparatus Room...........15'— 7" X 23'— 2" 
Workshop................20'— 0" X 23'— 5" 
Measuring Room...........15'— 5" X 18'— 8" 
Observing Room...........16'— 2" X 12'— 7 "


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