Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

The Mooseheart Laboratory for Child Research
Reymert, Martin L.
are subject to 24-hour control and are available for study over a prolonged period 
of years. In these two respects at least, the new research center offers unique 
opportunities for child study. 
The central unit of the laboratory of child research is housed in a separate build¬ 
ing, the first two floors of which are shown in the accompanying diagrams (Figs. 1 
and 2). The reception room, staff offices, and one laboratory and one workroom 
are located upon the first floor. The second floor, as the diagram shows, is devoted 
to laboratory and research rooms. Special rooms, located in the High School and 
CmimcriTAt Row 
LxPtimiHTAL Roon 
ll-*’» U-6* 
Fig. 2. Mooseheart Laboratory (Second Floor) 
the Baby Village, have also been assigned for child research. The facilities of the 
Children’s Hospital, which is particularly well equipped, are also available. 
An adequate appropriation has been made for personnel, apparatus, and li¬ 
brary. Opportunities to use the facilities of the new laboratory will be accorded 
those interested and qualified. Fellowships, consisting chiefly of maintenance, 
will be offered to graduate students. Professors, on leave of absence from their 
own institutions, will be welcome to the use of the facilities of the institution. 
Mooseheart, Illinois Martin L. Reymert


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