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The Laboratories of Physiology of the Harvard Medical School
Redfield, Alfred C.
Fig. 7.—Research Laboratory, Department of Physiology, School of Public Health 
“The system has necessitated the repetition of 
each section of laboratory-teaching four times. 
While this has had the disadvantage of becoming 
somewhat irksome, it has made it possible to 
improve the laboratory procedure with each 
repetition. It has also provided machinery for 
the training of the junior instructors who have 
been able to take on greater and greater respon¬ 
sibility as the year has progressed and as they 
have gained in experience under the guidance of 
their seniors. 
“In résumé, it is believed that we have been 
able to reorganize our teaching so that a twenty- 
five per cent reduction in the number of hours 
assigned to required exercises has in no way led 
to a reduction in the standards of the course, 
but rather to an improvement in the quality 
and quantity of the student’s physiological 
Further comments in connection with the 
teaching of physiology to medical students will 
be found below in the section on the Tutorial 
Formal laboratory instruction in physiology is 
also presented in the course for dental students 
and in the summer course for graduates. A de¬ 
tailed description of these will be found on a 
preceding page (page 27). In general they are 
modeled after the course for medical students, 
but are somewhat more limited in scope and 
more elementary in character. The course pre¬ 
sented by the Department of Physiology in the 
School of Public Health is designed to meet the 
special requirements of students in that institu¬ 
tion. It is described in the catalogue of the 
School of Public Health. 
Biological chemistry and pharmacology are 
now taught by independent departments in the 
Medical School. 
Advanced Courses 
The general reduction in the curriculum which 
went into effect two years ago provided for every 
medical student a certain amount of time which 
could be used entirely according to his option. 
The Laboratories of Physiology arranged a 
series of eight courses of lectures and demon¬ 
strations on special topics in physiology which 
were given during 1922-1923. These courses 
were designed to give an opportunity for upper- 
class men in the school to review physiology in 
their free time. Attendance was optional, and 
no examinations were held or grades given. The 
courses were attended by ninety-one different


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