Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Fig. 6.—Lecture-Room 
considerably diminished. The buildings are so ar¬ 
ranged that they can be extended in different direc¬ 
tions at any future time. 
The extent of the ground belonging to the Institute 
is 5,050 square meters of which 1,725 are actually 
occupied by the buildings of the Institute. The In¬ 
stitute is composed of the following special buildings : 
The Institute of teaching and research (No. 1-78),1 
the lodge of the attendant (No. 87-93), the stable for 
.small animals (No. 81-86), the stable for big animals 
(No. 79-80), and the heating plant. The laboratory 
for experimental physiology occupies on account of 
the extent of its material a great portion of the build¬ 
ings. This is required by the different methods that 
are peculiar to modern physiology. 
The physiological laboratory has two purposes to 
fulfil: one, to furnish theoretical and practical teaching 
to students, the other to create the opportunity for 
scientific research. This double purpose required a 
special arrangement in the distribution of the rooms 
and in the interior planning of the building. 
About 400 students follow the lessons that lead to a 
diploma of candidate in medicine. This diploma ob- 
1 See floor plans, Figures 2-5. 
tained after two years, has the following program: 
(a) first year of candidature : experimental physiology, 
physiological chemistry, anatomy, histology, cytology, 
and zoology; (b) second year of candidature: experi¬ 
mental physiology, anatomy, psychology, and com¬ 
parative anatomy. 
After having received the degree of candidate in 
medicine, the student has to continue his studies 
further for three years to become a doctor of medicine 
and a new law under discussion concerning medical 
education demands a fourth year for that purpose. 
Students in medicine have to follow the courses of 
experimental physiology for two years; during the 
first year of that period they are all doing practical 
work in physiological chemistry and during the second 
year they have practical work in experimental 
Because of the large number of students we have 
thought it best to make a complete separation between 
the part of the building given over to the teaching and 
that part reserved for scientific work. This is facil¬ 
itated by the plan of the building, which forms a right 
angle, conforming to the ground at our disposal. From 
an architectural viewpoint, one side of the angle which


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