Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Psychological Laboratory of Harvard University
Münsterberg, Hugo
13. A study of the comparative influence of vividness, repetition, and 
recency on the process of association. Nine persons. 
14. The time-relations of the association of isolated presentations as 
compared with the association of presentations combined into 
sentences. Four persons. 
15. The conditions under which dissociation of simultaneous percep¬ 
tions may occur. Six persons. 
1G. The influence of attention and distraction in changing the inten¬ 
sity of visual, auditory, muscular, dermal, and other sensations. 
Eight persons. 
17. The discrimination-time of lines of different lengths, -— a psy¬ 
chometric study of the psychophysic law by the method of 
chain-reaction. Ten persons. 
18. Time-relations of negative judgments. Three persons. 
19. A study of elementary aesthetic forms and proportions with respect 
to the influence of content and position, more especially with 
reference to our sense of symmetry and compensation in the 
relation between intensity and interval. Six persons. 
20. The æsthetic value of combinations of colors, and its dependence 
upon their positions and relative sizes. Seven persons. 
21. The influence of sense-stimuli upon voluntary muscular action. 
Two persons. 
22. The influence of muscular fatigue on the psychical processes, 
especially on the perception of just perceivable differences. 
Eight persons. 
23. The influence of previous motor ideas in producing unconscious 
movements during the execution of a later voluntary move¬ 
ment of a different kind. Two persons. •


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