Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Department of Physiological Chemistry, University of Michigan, Medical School
Lewis, Howard B.
the Arts may elect the courses of the department and 
receive their instruction in the sections with the students 
of medicine. The courses in physiological chemistry are 
included in the list of courses recommended for students 
in preparation for work as hospital technicians or for 
similar work. Additional instruction to meet individual 
needs may he obtained during the second semester. 
For students interested in the more advanced work of 
the department, a laboratory with an area of 1,300 
square feet in which twelve to fifteen advanced workers 
may be accommodated is available. In addition eleven 
smaller research rooms may be utilized for individual 
research workers, students, or members of the staff. Of 
the various pieces of equipment of the research labora¬ 
tories, the microbalance and apparatus for the micro- 
analytical methods of Pregl maybe especially mentioned. 
Medical students with an adequate chemical back¬ 
ground are encouraged to undertake additional work 
either as lectures, supervised reading and conferences, or 
laboratory investigation. In addition, a number of ad¬ 
vanced students are in the department, as candidates 
for the higher degrees of Master of Science or Doctor of 
Philosophy. Most of these students serve, at some 
period in their graduate work, as assistants in the required 
laboratory course for medical students. Since the 
greater number of these students eventually enters the 
field of medical education, such experience is valuable 
and students are encouraged to obtain it. 
To meet the needs of these advanced students and 
specially qualified medical students, the department 
offers two courses of advanced lectures in the second 
semester. The first deals with metabolism with especial 
reference to the chemistry and intermediary metabolism 
of the proteins and nucleic acids. The second is con¬ 
cerned with the lipids, both from a chemical and meta¬ 
bolic standpoint, a field in which one of the senior mem¬ 
bers of the staff has long been interested as a problem of 
In addition, experience in the critical reading and dis¬ 
cussion of the original literature is obtained by attend¬ 
ance at the seminar, which meets for two hours weekly, 
and which is attended by all the staff as well as by gradu- 
Fig. 2.—Laboratory for Graduate Students and Advanced Workers


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