Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Institute of Physiology, University of Copenhagen
Krogh, August
Fig. 2 
electroosmotic plant of 25 liters capacity per hour was 
installed in a room in the attic. The water is collected 
in two hardware tanks each of 175 liters capacity and 
carried through aluminum pipes to a small number of 
taps in the different laboratories. The working of the 
electroosmotic apparatus has, however, been unsatis¬ 
factory and a steam-still with quartz cooling tubes has 
been installed instead. 
Sinks are provided in most of the rooms. These are 
of several types, but in most cases large acid-proof 
sinks of white stoneware are installed. A new type of 
sink has been designed and appears to be very useful 
especially for cleaning purposes. It is made from 
“martinite” (artificial slate) in a framework of teak 
and the inside is completely covered with rubber vul¬ 
canized on to the martinite. 
In addition to the sinks there is generally a waste 
pipe of 4 cm diameter with vertical tubes of 17 cm 
length and 2.7 Cm in diameter at suitable intervals 
running along the wall at the level of the wainscoting, 
but with a slope of 1 in 300 and ending over a sink in the 
floor or in a room below. 
Gas is provided from the city supply. As the gas 
pressure varies from 7 to 10 cm, pressure regulators 
have been put in, but have proved rather inefficient. 
Electricity is supplied from the city as 220 volt direct 
current. The difference in price of electricity for light 
and power purposes has necessitated the installation of 
separate meters, wiring, and contact points which have 
to be different on the two systems. The availability of 
the current for laboratory purposes is thereby con¬ 
siderably reduced. From the laboratory of biophysics 
special circuits carrying current at 2, 4, and 6 volts are 
run to a certain number of terminals in the laboratories 
and on another circuit alternating current at 127-220 
volts and with fifty periods per second, or accumulator 
current at from 10 to 120 volts in intervals of 10 V. can 
be supplied. 
There is an automatic internal telephone system 
common to all the laboratories and a system of electric 
clocks driven from a central clock in the biophysical 
laboratory. This is arranged also to signalize seconds 
over the wires for variable current. 
Air is compressed by the automatic machine described


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