Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Institute of Physiology, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Buenos Aires
Houssay, B. A.
the library of the Institute; it subscribes to seventy 
periodicals including all the important ones in phys¬ 
iology, biochemistry, biophysics, and pharmacology. 
The central library of the Faculty of Medical Sciences is 
a well-stocked one and subscribes to 1,300 periodicals. 
First Floor 
The first floor (Fig. 4) accommodates the physiological 
research laboratories. There is a large laboratory with 
complete equipment; centrifuges, Brodie-Starling and 
Baltzar kymographs, artificial respiration pumps, etc. 
There are also a very large storeroom for physiological 
apparatus; two rooms equipped for work in histology; 
a sterilization room with autoclaves, stoves, and appa¬ 
ratus for sterilizing water; an operating room with two 
tables; dark rooms for photography and photomicrog¬ 
raphy; a gallery with a tea-table; and a small room for 
women students and assistants. 
Second Floor 
On the second floor the animals are kept. The rooms 
on this floor are heated, the temperature being kept 
constantly between 20 and 25 degrees centigrade, and 
ventilated by aspiration. There is a room for keeping 
small animals, such as rabbits, cats, etc. Another room 
is provided with cement tanks along the walls for am¬ 
phibia and reptiles. In the middle of this room is a 
metal support with thirty-two cages for rats. There 
are also two other rooms for rats, one for breeding and 
one for animals under experiment. The latter has six 
dozen individual cages for animals under experiment in 
metabolism, besides numerous cages for rats used in 
physiological research. A small room serves to keep 
and breed guinea-pigs. There are two small recovery 
rooms for recently operated animals. The upper part of 
these rooms has been divided off to form a loft or store¬ 
room. There is also a room for post-mortem examina¬ 
tions with an appropriate marble-topped table. 
Dogs are kept apart in a series of rooms leading onto 
a part of the roof which serves as a yard for them to run 
in. Two baths with a cage are provided in order to 
kill skin parasites on the dogs as soon as they are 
brought in. There are also a room with ten cages for 
dogs under experiment in metabolism, an isolation room 
Fig. 11.—Room for small animals under experiment


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