Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Department of Physiology, University of Michigan
Gesell, Robert
Fig. 13.—Research Laboratory showing Equipment for Studying Effects of High Oxygen Pressure on 
Pulmonary- Ventilation, Oxygen Consumption, Mean Blood-Pressure, Pulse Rate, Blood Acidity- and 
Volume Flow of Blood 
full length of the quarters. A window and a centrally 
pivoted door open into the runway. The doors are 
operated by the dog from either inside or outside. The 
runways are separated by heavy galvanized iron fencing. 
This arrangement has eliminated fatal encounters 
common to dog quarters but still offers enough communi¬ 
cation to break the monotony. There is relatively little 
noise and this is reflected skyward fairly well by the 
high encircling parapet. Nose to nose infection is 
possible but two precautions have eliminated difficulty 
from that source. In the first place dogs suffering from 
distemper are not accepted and those developing that 
condition are put in quarantine at the end of the row. 
These runways are separated from the rest by tile 
partitions. Each runway opens to the exterior. Food 
is carted from the kitchen and distributed around the 
circuit. The water is kept in pans inside the kennels to 
prevent freezing. 
The animals and animal quarters are taken care of 
exclusively by our laboratory helpers. They have 
taken a very acti\-e interest in the proper care of the 
animals. They help in the research and student experi¬ 
ments and know the type of animal best suited for the 
purpose. Animals are requisitioned the day before 
experiment so that the morning food will be omitted. 
Our laboratory helpers make the selection of animals. 
They administer the proper subcutaneous anesthesia at 
the time designated on the requisition. The dogs are 
weighed in room 73 and injected in room 71. By 
placing the dogs on a tethering rack of coarse heavy 
galvanized iron fencing supported a few inches aboY-e 
the floor a subsequent scrubbing of the dogs is unneces¬ 
sary. The vomitus and feces which are passed drop 
through the screen and the animals come down in a 
clean condition. The tethering rack is hinged at the 
wall. It is thus easily raised for cleaning the floor.


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