Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Fig. 5.—Microscope Room 
The staff of the Institute consists of a titular profes¬ 
sor, the director; a helper; and two assistants. None of 
these practise medicine during the scholastic year, but 
all devote their entire time to research and to teaching. 
However during the summer months (from July 15 to 
September 30) the assistants practise medicine near 
hospitals or clinics, either to keep in contact with the 
sick, or to supplement the very small salaries received at 
the Institute. 
The technical and assistant staff consists of: a me¬ 
chanic in the joint service of the other nearby biological 
institutes, a technician for keeping the animals and 
assisting at experiments, and three servants. 
The salaries per year of the staff members are as 
Director......................... 30,000 
Helper....................^..... 11,200 
Assistants....................... 9,960 
Technicians...................... 9,220 
Subalterns....................... 7,296 
One of the subalterns has the privilege of free lodging 
in the Institute since he also has the duties of custodian. 
The annual fixed income of the Institute is 30,000 
lire. To this total should be added the variable income 
from the fees each student pays for laboratory work 
(25 lire a year) ; and the chance subsidies of extraordi¬ 
nary liberality from the Board of Public Instruction, 
from the University funds, or from private individuals. 
Students or doctors are allowed to attend the Institute 
as student interns. The former, generally chosen from 
among the best of the second- and third-year students of 
medicine, spend many hours in attending or personally 
carrying out experiments in physiology and biological 
chemistry and do not personally pursue special research 
unless they are preparing their theses for the doctorate. 
An effort is made to reduce to the minimum the 
acceptance of doctors who only wish to complete as soon 
as possible a piece of original research, often without 
having the knowledge and technique necessary for 
careful experimental work. 
The Institute was built according to suggestions of 
the director. A special section is intended for teaching 


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