Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

University of Rochester, School of Medicine and Dentistry, Department of Physiology
Fenn, Wallace O.
Fig. 3.—Laboratoky Used for Experiments of Circulation and Respiration, Room L-400 
electricity, a timing clock on the wall wired to each sta¬ 
tion, and a small hood for smoking long papers (Fig. 2). 
The main class laboratory room (L-405) is permanently 
equipped with eight tables (Fig. 1), each 4 feet by 6 feet, 
supplies of gas, air, cold water, a timing or low voltage 
circuit, and a 110-volt circuit which may be either 
alternating or direct current, according to the position 
of a double-throw switch in another room. It is ex¬ 
pected that, when necessary, four students can work at 
each table in pairs. No one of the class laboratories will 
hold all the students in a full-sized class (seventy-five) 
at once. It is planned that they will always work in 
small groups at different experiments. In view of the 
small classes contemplated for the initial years it has 
seemed wise to equip the two remaining classrooms 
(L-406 and L-402) temporarily with large movable 
tables until longer experience makes more evident the 
most advantageous type of equipment for the purposes. 
The seminar room (L-407) adjoins the mammalian 
room and is used for group instruction and for demon¬ 
strations of all sorts, such as those on animals, which it is 
difficult to move to one of the lecture-rooms on the floor 
Apparatus for class use lias been purchased in small 
amounts according to the immediate needs, certain 
special items having been made in our own shops. 
Some of it is shown in Figures 3 and 4 including a tilting 
board for demonstrating the effect of gravity on the 
circulation, a simple form of Lucas pendulum for 
measurements of refractory periods and the excitability 
of nerves, three Van Slyke manometric blood-gas 
analyzers; eight Henderson gas analyzers, and a large 
precision water-bath used for blood-gas analysis, micro¬ 
respirometer studies, etc. It has not seemed worth¬ 
while nor possible to assign a certain standard kit and a 
locker to each student because most of the experiments 
require special instruments and material. This method 
develops carelessness in the use of the apparatus but it 
saves much duplication of costly apparatus and much 
organization machinery. Almost the only experiments


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