Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

The building is piped throughout for gas, water, and 
sewer; and it is wired throughout for three electric systems, 
the AC campus-lighting supply at voltages of no and 220, 
and an inside wiring for DC of variable voltages furnished 
from a motor-generator located in the shop. These supplies 
are conveyed to every room in the building, making it possible 
to convert any one room from one use to another. Hoods 
for smoking kymograph drums are built in at four convenient 
places. An elevator is provided for heavy apparatus. 
The first floor was intended primarily to furnish all the 
facilities necessary for elementary classes, including a lecture 
hall, a large elementary laboratory-room, and adjacent to the 
latter the offices for the laboratory instructors. The ele¬ 
mentary laboratory was designed for the special needs of the 
beginning two-quarter course, which is scheduled for two 
2-hour laboratory meetings weekly, in sections of twenty to 
thirty students each.2 The room comfortably holds 16 tables, 
27 in. x 48 in., at which students are seated in working pairs. 
Daylight from three sides and an abundance of wall-sockets 
are among the conveniences. The first floor also holds an¬ 
other class-room and other offices. 
The second floor was intended mainly for the use of 
advanced classes. A large laboratory-room is convenient for 
the graduate training-course in experimental, and serves also 
as a general work-room. A class-room supplied with tables, 
3 ft. x 10 ft., carrying individual locked drawers, conveniently 
serves many uses. A library holds the journals, current and 
bound, while the psychological books are stored at the general 
university library, they being less important in technical 
work. A special feature on this floor is the arrangement of 
two rooms for private clinical examination, with special fur¬ 
nishings and supplies, and a statistical room where are found 
comptometer, slide rules, etc., as well as supplies of test- 
materials. The shop is at present incompletely equipped, 
the Department sharing on a time-basis the use of a shop 
* Notes on the organization of this course have appeared elsewhere. Cf. Prychol. 
Rev., 1924, 31, 503-516 (which needs a revised statement); and Psychol. Bull., 1927, 
24, 80.


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