Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

University of Pennsylvania, Department of Physiology
Bazett, H. C.
Fig. 4.—Research Room with Benedict Respiration Apparatus 
somewhat lightened, without necessarily sacrificing any 
of the teaching of fundamental physiological principles. 
During this first year’s work three lectures a week 
concern the subjects dealt with in the practical work, 
while one lecture a week constitutes a short course in 
general physiology in which the physical and chemical 
factors concerned in biological processes are considered, 
and by which the student is helped to break down his 
tendency to collect facts in water-tight compartments. 
No attempt is made to cover the whole of physiology in 
those lectures but rather only certain parts are empha¬ 
sized and treated in detail, and the student is expected 
and encouraged to cover the other ground in the text¬ 
books either at this time or at the beginning of his 
second year. 
In the second year a total of about twenty-four lec¬ 
tures are given three days a week. They definitely aim 
to review the physiological principles of such subjects 
as cardiac rhythm and electrical changes, acid-base 
equilibrium, glycosuria, kidney excretion, etc., with 
reference to clinical abnormalities. Workers in other 
departments with physiological interests are invited 
to give some of these lectures on the subjects in which 
they are themselves working. 
Theürst week of the second year is given to practical 
work in relation to the physiology of the eye, in which 
most of the time is devoted to a study of the effect of 
lens combinations on refraction in a schematic eye box. 
It is organized and conducted by Dr. Adler who is also 
doing clinical work in the Ophthalmological Depart¬ 
ment, so that good correlation with the teaching in that 
department is obtained. Apart from this no practical 
work is done by the students at this time; they are 
encouraged instead to spend all their available time 
reading up the subject and studying some special branch 
of it in the original literature. As has been already 
mentioned, however, students who have demonstrated 
a good general knowledge of the subject are allowed to 
make experiments in some small research problem, for 
which they receive extra marks in their final examina¬ 
tion, if they have demonstrated their capacity to benefit 
by the opportunity without sacrificing their more gen¬ 
eral knowledge. A total of fifty hours is specially set 
aside at this time for the class to use for the above work 
(reading and revision, conferences or special elective 
practical work) in any way they see fit, so that such 
study is facilitated and can be carried on at a time when 
they can get access to the library.


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