Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Yale University, School of Medicine, Laboratory of Neurophysiology
Dusser de Barenne, J. G.
chemical bench, centrifuge, hood, adjacent balance 
cabinet, etc., for investigations relating to chemical 
problems of neurophysiology. 
The equipment of the animal quarters on this floor 
and the suite of rooms on the entrance floor to be used 
as a surgical unit have been described elsewhere. One 
of the operating rooms has been provided with a large 
shadow-free operating lamp of Zeiss (Pantophos). 
On the first floor also are two large experiment rooms. 
One is especially suited for photographic work and has 
an adjacent dark room. Along the north wall is a tim¬ 
ing apparatus of special design, which allows a minute 
analysis in time and space of the locomotion of various 
animals and man in moving pictures. The other large 
room is used as a general experiment room for mam¬ 
malian work and is equipped with facilities for artificial 
respiration. Between these tw'o rooms a small unit 
is reserved as a special smoking and varnishing 
Offices for the head of the laboratory and his secretary 
are also provided on the first floor. The laboratory on 
this floor has two large rooms as animal quarters. 
On the roof is an outdoor swimming pool, 15 feet by 
7.5 feet by 3 feet, for studying locomotion of various 
animals in water. A large cement semicircle, with a 
radius of 10.5 feet, for outdoor moving pictures has also 
been constructed on the roof. A central pit is provided 
for the camera and photographer. As most animals 
have the tendency to walk along a wall, this device 
greatly simplifies correct focusing. 
Some of the lines of scientific research which the 
laboratory intends to pursue in the near future in order 
to fulfill its purpose may be indicated as follows: study 
of problems of cortical functions, especially of cortical 
localizations through work on conditioned reflexes; 
Fig. 2.—Room for Chemical Work 
studies on normal and abnormal locomotion of various 
animals and man, especially after cerebral and cerebel¬ 
lar lesions; studies on the functions of the sensory 
mechanisms of the nervous system ; and studies on mus¬ 
cular innervation, experimental and histological. 
Received fob Publication October 8, 1981


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