Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

The Psychological Laboratory at the University of Iowa
Ruckmick, Christian A.
distribution. To the unit in the psychology of art should 
be added two rooms in the east wing, E409, a studio, and 
E414 into which the creative composition apparatus is 
incorporated. Room C205 in the central section was designed 
as a seminar room. 
The distribution of different types of services, like elec¬ 
tricity of various voltages and types, gas, water and com¬ 
pressed air are indicated by symbols as interpreted in the 
legend which is attached to the ground floor plan. Where 
the solid walls are indicated as broken, 2" iron tubes have been 
built in for the passage of rubber tubing, electric wires and 
the like from room to room, as in the case, for example, of the 
wall between E222 and E223. To list the separate pieces of 
apparatus, as was the custom in articles of this sort long ago, 
would unduly lengthen the account. Suffice it to say that 
in all of the units mentioned the most modern and accurate 
instruments are available for specified research in these sectors. 
New pieces are being constantly added and a spirit of inven¬ 
tiveness and adaptation provides new developments in each 
field. An expert machinist is at the service of the department 
for two days each week in a fully equipped shop in the Physics 
Building. In an additional shop next to the main machine 
shop, students may work under his advice to make and to 
adapt apparatus. 
We should also say that an attitude of real cooperation 
prevails between the various departments and divisions on 
the campus including the College of Medicine. Without this 
spirit of cooperation, much intellectual and physical waste 
and duplication of effort would result. Psychology now 
touches so many different disciplines at so many different 
points, that both inspiration and aid in the exchange of ideas 
and in the furnishing materials are a sine qua non in the prog¬ 
ress of our science. To that end the motto which motivates 
our research is excellently inscribed in the framed dedicatory 
plaque which hangs in the main hall of the laboratory, where 
also hang the autographed portraits of distinguished living 
psychologists, of doctorate graduates, and several series of


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