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The Psychological Laboratory of Ohio State University
Weiss, Albert P.
At Ohio State University the Department of Psychology1 is 
responsible for all the official courses in psychology given on 
the campus. From the beginning it has been the adminis¬ 
trative policy to encourage without prejudice all recognized 
phases of psychology and to retain them under a unitary 
organization. The wisdom of such a policy is written in its 
growth. In 1912 the faculty of the department consisted of 
two professors and one laboratory assistant with an enrollment 
of approximately 200 students. In 1926 the permanent 
teaching staff consisted of twenty-two members assisted by 
thirteen laboratory and graduate assistants. The student 
enrollment, graduate and undergraduate, has increased to 
In order to preserve and, if possible, to increase the 
autonomy of the individual members, and to simplify the 
administrative problems, Professor George F. Arps, Head of 
the Department, has distributed the administrative and 
academic problems into five major divisions. Under this 
form of unification and administration all the departmental 
resources in specific training and laboratory equipment are at 
the disposal of the whole personnel. 
Administrative Divisions 
The general administration and coordination of the 
several divisions are under Professor George F. Arps. 
1 The writer was requested to prepare this report by reason of his connection with 
the department during the period of its development. Chief among those factors 
which contributed toward this development were the hearty support and prompt 
cooperation of the University Administration and the Graduate School. Many others 
besides those mentioned were consulted. Acknowledgment is made of the valuable ser¬ 
vices rendered by Dr. E. A. Doll, Director of Research, The Training School, 
Vineland, N. J., during his connection with the department. 


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