Volltext: Emerson Hall (2)

with such an energy and devotion that the Philosophical Department 
owes to these friends of philosophy in Harvard the most lasting grati¬ 
tude. Various means were taken by the Committee and by the Depart¬ 
ment to stir the interest of the public, and soon the gifts began to 
come in, gifts of which some were clearly given from sympathy with 
the work of the Philosophical Department, some evidently in memory 
of Emerson. The original plans of the architect called for $150,000 
for, the building. When, on the 25th of May, 1903, the hundredth 
anniversary of Emerson’s birthday was celebrated, the University 
had contributions amounting to more than this sum, and given by 
one hundred and seventy persons. 
It was soon found, however, that this sum was inadequate; yet 
we never asked in vain. Additional gifts came in for the building 
fund, just as later the generosity of several friends furnished the 
building with a handsome equipment and the laboratory with new 
instruments. Mr. R. C. Robbins gave the books for a philosophical 
library to be placed in the new Hall. 
The architect chosen was Mr. Guy Lowell, who has had to labor 
under the difficulties involved in the fact that the best and quietest 
available place was on Quincy Street opposite Robinson Hall. This 
spot demanded that the new building be harmonized with Robinson 
and Sever Halls, two structures most unlike in their architectural 
style. There was not even the possibility of making it a companion 
to Robinson Hall, since the latter has but two stories, while it was 
evident that Emerson Hall needed three stories. The plan finally 
accepted, a Greek, brick building with brick columns and rich lime¬ 
stone trimmings, provided for the work of the whole Philosophical 
Division with the exception of education. The Education Depart¬ 
ment, with its large library, will soon need a whole building of its 
own, and has thus had no interest in being housed under the roof of 
Emerson Hall. On the other hand, the building was to give full space 
to that part of our Philosophical Division which now forms, like edu¬ 
cation, an administrative unity, — the Department of Social Ethics. 
A special library, museum rooms, etc., for social ethics were planned 
for the second floor by the munificence of an anonymous benefactor. 
Altogether we have six large lecture-rooms, two library halls, two 
collection-rooms, a department-room, a seminaiy-room, two studies 
and conference-rooms, twenty-five laboratory-rooms, all connected 
by very spacious, well-lighted halls and broad, imposing stairways. 
Surely never before in the history of scholarship has such a stately 
house been built for philosophy. And while the nature of the work


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