Volltext: An Experimental Study of Writing Movements (19)

Charles H. Judd. 
embarrassment, and also show its rapid disappearance. The embar¬ 
rassment, as a matter of fact, very soon wore off in every case, so 
that it was possible to obtain records that may be looked upon as 
entirely normal. 
A large number of records were taken with different individuals. 
Most of these subjects were not in any sense of the word writing 
specialists. They had acquired in the ordinary way, through the 
usual school and private practice, a form of writing movement which 
was entirely automatic and was in constant and easy use as a mode 
of expression. The form of writing dealt with in such ordinary cases 
may he described by saying that the letters sloped somewhat to the 
right, that they were rather rounded in form, and that they permitted 
a free running movement. Great variations in size did not appear, 
although some of the subjects wrote what is commonly spoken of 
as a »fine hand 
Pig. 2. 
/ ij1' 
others wrote a 
»course hand«. 
To the records 
obtained from sub¬ 
jects using these 
forms of writing 
which we may de¬ 
scribe as usual, there were added a few records of writers who 
employed unusual forms of movement, or aimed at unusual forms of 
letters. These special cases will be referred to in the statement of 
the results as confirming one or two of the conclusions, but the 
staple conclusions are derived from the subjects who wrote in the 
ordinary way. 
With this description of the apparatus and the character of the 
subjects, we may take up at once the discussion of a typical simple 
record. One of these is shown in figure 2. The letters written, appear 
on the left, and the tracer record on the right. The points which 
correspond to each other in the two parts of thë figure are similarly 
numbered. The most obvious fact is that the hand participates only 
in the forward movements, while the fingers do all of the finer work 
of forming the letters. Thus, the lines between 1 and 3 in the tracer 
record represent the whole movement of the hand during the writing


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