Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

fluctuations of Attention and After-images. 
peripheral functions. It would also do away with the necessity of 
treating the attention as a transcendental activity. 
There still remain for explanation those peculiarities which have 
been observed e. g. in the perception of tones. Granting that the 
auditory sensations fluctuate in some cases and in others show no 
fluctuation, we are not thereby compelled to infer that the attention 
is free from fluctuation. The anatomical and physiological relations 
are obviously different for the several sorts of sensation. Hence, 
while we admit that the attention is conditioned by changes in the 
brain centres, we may still hold that its constancy or variability 
depends upon the particular relations, in structure and in function, 
which exist between the centre and the several organs of sense.


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