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single definite sound would be produced, and instead of 
one uninterrupted glide from (k) to (i), we shall have two, 
one from the (k) to the intermediate point, another from 
there to the (i). 
190. It would clearly be impossible to symbolise all the 
infinitesimal intermediate positions of which a glide is 
made up ; nor is it ever necessary, the general principle 
being that in all cases of transition from one fixed 
position to another the shortest way is taken : given, there¬ 
fore, the symbols of the fixed positions, the character 
of the glide follows as a matter of course. Glides are 
implied simply by the juxtaposition of the symbols of 
the fixed positions between which they lie, as in the case 
of (ki). 
191. Besides these essential, implied glides, there is 
another class of ‘ unessential ’ glides, which require to be 
written separately. Thus, instead of passing direct from 
(k) to (i), the organs can move up to the (u) position, and 
without stopping there pass on to (i). Here there is a 
continuous glide from (k) to (i), but it is a roundabout glide, 
and not implied by the positions of the (k) and (i). These 
‘ glide-sounds ’ (glide-vowel in the present case) have a 
definite, though not a fixed configuration. Thus, in the 
present case, there is an essential glide implied from the 
(k) to the (u) position, and from there to the (i) position, 
and the (u) position is therefore the distinct limit of the 
glide-vowel, but it is itself no more a fixed configuration 
than any one of the intermediate positions between it and 
the (k) or (i) positions—like them it is simply one of a 
series. These glide-sounds are symbolised by being 
enclosed in brackets, thus (k[u]i), distinct from (kui), in 
which the (u) position is maintained unchanged for an


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