Volltext: A Handbook of Phonetics

the glottis is open, produces a dull sound, when shut, a 
clear and hollow one like the gurgling of water being 
poured into a bottle, and its pitch can be raised or lowered 
at pleasure by retracting or advancing the tongue. 
19. (x) forms an essential element of some languages. 
It is common in Danish after vowels, and often dis¬ 
tinguishes words which would otherwise be identical. 
Thus hurt (hu'n) is ‘she/ but hnnd (hux'n) is‘dog/ (kHo'm) 
is ‘ come/ (kHOx'm) is ‘ came/ both written kom. Accord¬ 
ing to Mr. Bell it is used in the Glasgow pronunciation 
of Scotch as a substitute for the voiceless stops, as in 
(waxehrr) =‘water/ (bexehrr) = ‘butter/ 
20. Wheeze (rIi). If we strongly exaggerate an ordinary 
whisper, we produce that hoarse, wheezy sound known as 
the ‘ stage whisper/ In the formation of this sound there 
is not only the glottis narrowing of the ordinary medium 
whisper, but there is also contraction of the superglottal 
passage or ‘ false glottis/ the opening being further 
narrowed by depression of the epiglottis. The sound is 
a common variety of (r), especially when it is voiced (r). 
It is the regular sound in Danish, the laryngal action being 
combined with retraction of the tongue and rounding, so 
that the sound is really (r +ghzu). (R + gh) may also be 
heard in North Germany. If there is ‘trilling' or vibra¬ 
tion of the upper part of the glottis, the Arabic Hha (Rhr) 
and Ain (rr) are formed. 
Nasal Sounds. 
21. In ordinary breathing the uvula hangs loosely down, 
and the air passes behind it through the nose as well as 
the mouth. In forming all the non-nasal sounds the 
uvula is pressed up so as to cover the passage into the


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